Michigan State University School Of Social Work - Timothy Stocks - Bad professor and academic advisor at Michigan State University

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Outspoken, offensive, and rude - Timothy Stocks is a little boy stuck in an adult body.He is a childish and immature man who offends others with his remarks.

Either he doesn't know how his words impact others or he doesn't care - but Timothy Stocks never fails to leave some people feeling insulted and others confused as to what he is trying to accomplish or the point he is trying to make. He behavior can catch you off guard because he makes his comments in a personable way - comments which belittle certain people because of their nationality, race, or gender. His comments and viewpoints are often a part of statements and stories that he uses in his classroom lectures. His statements and stories promote an agenda, and they are usually lies or half-truths that are said for the purpose of showboating.

Never does he have legitimate sources to verify what he says. He seems to derive satisfaction from the attention he gets from being controversial and his face glows when behaving this way. His childishness emanates from every facet of his being. His comments, his attitude, his body posture, even when he walks it's at an accelerated pace almost like skipping and his arms wave back and forth in a fluid, willowy motion.

His personality style and methods may be more suited for teaching middle school or high school - but one has to wonder if he could be constructive in that capacity. Children have higher levels of maturity than Timothy Stocks. Timothy Stocks is also an academic adviser and a horrible one at that. The information he provides is often incorrect and having him for an academic adviser can be frustrating and may compromise a timely graduation.

Timothy Stocks frequently shares intimate personal information about himself and his family as it relates to subject matter in his lectures.

He talks about his son, his experiences with his step daughters, and he gives coping strategies for marriage.His statements could be described, but for the sake of his family they will not.

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This is not very current information, this instructor hasn't been at MSU for years.

Michigan State University School Of Social Work - John Herrick - A stranger to the truth

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The Michigan State University School of Social Work gained a bad reputation from people like John Herrick.John Herrick is the Associate Director of a program in which administrators have a self-serving agenda which they promote at all costs.

Similar to a big city restaurant that operates illegal activities in the back, the School of Social Work has an agenda far different from their stated goals, objectives, and purpose. They present an image of being for social work values and for social justice. The reality is they have an agenda of rollbacks in which professors use university money to take expensive and unnecessary vacations. The Director of the School of Social Work used to be a figurehead named Marilyn Flynn, but was replaced by another figurehead named Gary Anderson.

This is a guise because John Herrick is the ring leader of this corrupt bunch. John Herrick navigates this pack of grifters through a whole series of unscrupulous and unethical acts, the likes of which are beyond comparison in higher education. John Herrick is out of control and there is no limit on his indulgence. Confronting him, in fact, only elicits arrogant snobbery as he nefariously crinkles his nose and thrusts it upward and away with a leering cockiness.

He trumpets and parades his base reputation with such a smug air of confidence that he caricatures himself. John Herrick will falsify documents, backdate letters, and engage in slander to maximize his outcomes. Hurting students is by far the most egregious of John Herrick's acts. John Herrick will blacklist students who raises a voice against his corrupt practices and then torpedo their chances of success.

Minority students are the most likely to fall victim to his dishonesty. John Herrick's vacations are probably the most visible example of his wrongdoing. These vacations are arrangements in which MSU money is bankrolled into a members-only slush fund used for John Herrick and his cronies to take lavish and exorbitant vacations to other countries. The overhead costs are outrageous and stand in opposition to the values and mission of social work.

John Herrick will act upright and polite in the first weeks of the semester, when students are still considering their enrollment, but this innocuous facade manifests itself into something dirty and ugly as the semester progresses. One eventually sees professors and administrators choosing favorites and treating many students like dirt. Some students experience dirty looks and utterances of contempt.

Others experience unfair academic advising and some are completely rubbed out of the program.John Herrick heads a program full of unprofessionalism, misappropriation, and flagrancy which should be avoided at all costs.

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Michigan State University School Of Social Work - Diane Levande - Social Work Professor at Michigan State University

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Diane Levande is strictly a hands-off professor.Her poor attitude and lack of youth and vigor make for boring and uneventful lectures.

Rarely, can anyone speak to her outside class. She doesn't keep office hours and won't respond to emails, phone messages, or notes left on her door. She will inform her class that she has a button on her computer that erases all her emails without having to read any of them. She also has a bigoted feminist perspective.

She devotes entire lectures to whining about the plight of women and then devotes large portions of her lectures to pushing her feminist agenda. Students who don't enthusiastically embrace her reasoning are graded unfairly.

During one lecture she described in length how committees on domestic abuse include men and children as victims of abuse, which she feels is wrong.She feels commitees should focus entirely on women as the victims.

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I am concerned when I see ageist comments.I don't see how lack of youth relevant to teaching skills.

Ironically Diane has spent a lifetime studying ageism and now she is a victim of this topic.

I find her to be a wealth of knowledge given her seasoned career working with battered women and the elderly.She changed my life a research profoundly and feel privileged to have worked for her.

Lori Post

Yale University


Let's see?Are you there to learn something or to be entertained?

You might learn a thing or two if you engage your brain and apply some critical thinking. Dr. Levande is a pioneer in matters of women's equity, family relationships, and gerontology.

Ask yourself what you bring to class.When you've completed years of research, years of teaching and mentoring, and years of promoting professional best practices, let's see how you communicate your knowledge to those who have little and could care less.


Look.I have heard from many college students who complain about various instructors who cannot speak the English language; are just plain *** and make no sense; or ones like you have.

Please, people, complain to the Dean or someone in authority at the school. Nothing gets done if you don't complain. Get a few of your fellow students who agree with you to go with you.

After all, you are paying for these dopey instructors!!By the way, I graduated from MooU a long time ago.

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