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Diane Levande is strictly a hands-off professor.Her poor attitude and lack of youth and vigor make for boring and uneventful lectures.

Rarely, can anyone speak to her outside class. She doesn't keep office hours and won't respond to emails, phone messages, or notes left on her door. She will inform her class that she has a button on her computer that erases all her emails without having to read any of them. She also has a bigoted feminist perspective.

She devotes entire lectures to whining about the plight of women and then devotes large portions of her lectures to pushing her feminist agenda. Students who don't enthusiastically embrace her reasoning are graded unfairly.

During one lecture she described in length how committees on domestic abuse include men and children as victims of abuse, which she feels is wrong.She feels commitees should focus entirely on women as the victims.

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New Haven, Connecticut, United States #755180

I am concerned when I see ageist comments.I don't see how lack of youth relevant to teaching skills.

Ironically Diane has spent a lifetime studying ageism and now she is a victim of this topic.

I find her to be a wealth of knowledge given her seasoned career working with battered women and the elderly.She changed my life a research profoundly and feel privileged to have worked for her.

Lori Post

Yale University


Let's see?Are you there to learn something or to be entertained?

You might learn a thing or two if you engage your brain and apply some critical thinking. Dr. Levande is a pioneer in matters of women's equity, family relationships, and gerontology.

Ask yourself what you bring to class.When you've completed years of research, years of teaching and mentoring, and years of promoting professional best practices, let's see how you communicate your knowledge to those who have little and could care less.


Look.I have heard from many college students who complain about various instructors who cannot speak the English language; are just plain *** and make no sense; or ones like you have.

Please, people, complain to the Dean or someone in authority at the school. Nothing gets done if you don't complain. Get a few of your fellow students who agree with you to go with you.

After all, you are paying for these dopey instructors!!By the way, I graduated from MooU a long time ago.

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